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Brilliant band. Great style and deportment. Pleasure to listen to

David Lynn, 12/12/2014

Tommy - Thank you very much for your kind comments regarding the 'Our Director' and 'Death or Glory' CDs, and about the band in general. The 'Aces High' recording was made in 1988, almost 30 years ago, and we no longer have the master copy of it in order to remaster and re-release. We are looking in to ways of making the recording available to download though, and will let you know if and when this is ready. Thanks again.

Paul, 11/12/2014

Loved the "our director" cd and the one previous to it. I was wondering were I can get my hands on the "Aces High" cd? None of the usual Belfast stockists have it. A joy to listen to and a spectacle on the road. All the best for 2015.

Tommy Orr, 10/12/2014

Just watched the videos of your performances from both comps. That's the best flute ensemble playing I've heard from a Melody flute band since I heard my 1st one back in 94/95! Absolutely outstanding, you should all be very proud of yourselves, an absolute credit to Ulster. Please send my congratulations to your conductor/musical director on a great job also, sometimes a thankless task!

Billy glinn, 12/10/2014

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those members of The William King Memorial Flute Band who sponsored me for The MencapNI 2 Peaks Challenge. I completed the challenge last Saturday 23rd August, by successfully climbing to the summits of Mount Errigle on Saturday morning and Slieve Gallion in the afternoon. Thanks again for your generosity and support. Karen Moore

Karen Moore, 27/08/2014

Just watching the clip of the mass band, think it would be a great idea for the 2 bands to hold a concert together 1 in Scotland and 1 in Northern Ireland, greatest bands in the UK meet, would be a sell out and DVD sales would be through the roof. Hope it happens in 2015!!!

William Mercer, 13/08/2014

Hi gentlemen, first time watching the relief of Derry celebrations in your fine city, and i was setting up my seat on Carlise road on Saturday morning when the band came marching up the street, as an ex member of the armed forces band I swore that it was a millatry band marching up the street. The beat of the bassdrum got the hair on the back of my neck standing, The drum major was of millatry standard, stick work from the drums was as smart as they come, but the flute corps was unbelievable good and looking through the website I see this is correct with the amount of honours the band has achieved. Well done guys and I will not be suprised if this fine band will be on display across the mainland in the near future. Bob Anderson.

Bob Anderson, 13/08/2014

From every member of the No surrender apprentice boys thank you for leading us around our home city in the Seige of Derry celebrations, from the front to back the band was brilliant really first class lads and a real honour for ourselves to be behind the William King Memorial Flute Band. V.V.V

No surrender parent club, 10/08/2014

To all members of the William King Memorial Flute Band, a big well done for the performance on the procession in Londonderry on Saturday. Without doubt our best performance in years, and considering the level of our performances that says a lot. We can top all this by working hard over the next few months in the indoor competitions, and Philip and Ally have some good ideas for music to play. There will be an AGM soon and a big change in the management of the band is hoped for, as the current one has been in place a bit too long perhaps, and a younger generation may be ready to get us moving forward. I would ask you all to think about this AGM carefully and ask yourself can you be part of the leadership team.  Recently a trend has been for people to make a lot of suggestions from the background and hope other people sort things out, it's now time to step forward and lead from the front. See you all soon. Derek

Derek Moore, 10/08/2014

Andy, the band will be playing on Thursday 7th as part of the the Maiden City Festival, where we will be performing in the Britannia hall with a World War 1 theme.

Paul, 03/08/2014
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