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Second clip from Belgian television of the band during the Somme trip, (including interviews!!!) now available under Events&Reports\Somme Trip

Paul, 29/07/2014

just a quick post to say you guys were shit hot on sat night at DAB parade, not often our paths pass on parades but hope to see the kings more often.

pride of ballinran, 28/07/2014

Ulster Tours - The band does not have it's own mural in the Fountain as such, but there is the West Bank Loyalists mural which the band has displayed on it's T-shirts, and there are also a number of paintings and photos at the Community Centre. During the August parade we do have our own march from the Community Centre, Carlisle Road, Diamond and then Bishop Street, where we have a playing display, then march back to the Fountain. This usually leaves the Fountain at 11.15am.

Paul, 22/07/2014

Hi guys, bringing a tour from London to Londonderry over the maiden city festival, has the band got a mural within the fountain estate? And will u guys be playing on the 12th morning on your own at any point? Thanks guys.

Ulster tours , 20/07/2014

What a display from the King's today (Remembrance Sunday). Played in a flute band for years but this is as good as it gets.

Bill Watson, 10/11/2013

Glad to see the Big Man winning the bass drummer award yesterday. Worked with Hugh years ago and know what that band and the Fountain means to him. Well deserved mate. Oh you's were outstanding at the Tattoo. Good Luck for the next 40 years.

C J Patton, 05/10/2013

The band wishes to express their deepest sympathy with Christopher and the Simpson family at this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

WKMFB, 30/09/2013

Looking for all the band members to do a charity event in november, its called ''movember for monty'' everyone grows a moustache the whole month of november and raise as much money as possible for monty and his family.

Davy Thompson, 23/09/2013

I have been an admirer of WKMFB for a long, long time but to be honest was a little bit hesitant when I heard a flute band was going to play in an outdoor arena. How wrong could I have been. Seeing what I had just witnessed in that 10 minute slot must have taken months of preparation. Bit of smart thinking putting 2 drum majors out front, that immediateley spread you out. Your drum corp was something straight over from the Edinburgh tattoo the style and concentration was second to none. Perfect military marching beat without even a glance left or right and his 2 wing men excellent knowing exactly when the clashes of the cymbals were required. Those flutters must have had fire on the keys to make those fingers move at the speed they did and the parading stood out during the entire tattoo. You could grace any parade ground.I wouldn't be surprised if the invites come flooding in. Good luck for the future.

Bob Gibson, 02/09/2013

Just had to let you all know that your band was fantastic on Saturday night at the tattoo. Our group of friends couldn't believe how far you have come from the 70's with your knitted jumpers and tabby bows. You are a credit to William Kings memory. Turned out to perfection and the drumming was amazing. Well done all of you and keep up the excellent work

avril hyndman, 02/09/2013
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